Love So Plain (2011)

by M.LAU

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This is the Love So Plain 2011 Digital Re-Release. The album includes remakes of all 6 original Love So Plain tracks. In support of the Creative Commons movement I have now made the album free for download and will continue to do so with any subsequent albums. However, I only have a limited amount of free downloads on Bandcamp and as an artist writing music isn't free. So any value of contribution goes a long way in not only supporting me, but also the future of independent music! Enjoy!


released September 9, 2011

Mary Elizabeth Tabacchi for your love and support. Eric Jecklin for your time and patience. Cabell Tice for reminding me that we can have a future in music. Andie Grace Richardson for your friendship and artistic inclinations. Danielle and Shealeen Puckett for your friendship and incredible talents. Mom, Dad, and Grandma for your love, encouragement, and pocketbooks.

And lastly,

My brother Mitchell for being my friend always.



all rights reserved


M.LAU Albuquerque, New Mexico

Singer. Songwriter. Producer.

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Track Name: Come on! Come On!
i'll meet you where / the earth meets the sun and the weather is warm because / the scene just seems so much nicer way out there / you've got nothing to lose / I've got nothing to prove / except a love for someone just like you.

you've got sky rise buildings and a place to call your own / the downtown city life compliments your closet full of clothes / with your shades and your shoes and your trendy to-do's / you'll hit the sidewalk, the best stores and restaurants / looking for something new.

oh, don't you worry / just smile and do your thing girl cause I'm on my way out and i'll be there in the morning / come on come on, i'll keep running til' i burn out the sun / i'll find my way, yes i'll be damn sure to find my way.

come on come on, lets keep running til' we burn out the sun sun / and make our way down every street til' we / get back home.
Track Name: Makeshift Phones ft. Elle Puckett
girl, you've got my head tied in a knot / and i swear it's coming undone / with every word unsung / boy, there's something special in / the way you lift and rest your hands / as if a string held them instead.

and so we'll sing another tune this june / one to reconcile the feelings that we'll lose.

i'll invest in two cans and some extra string / hoping that you'll still talk to me / even though you're an entire life away / and with those two cans and that extra string / i'll hear your voice float back to me / points A to B and everything in between.

boy, i never knew this day would come / when i'd hold my end and just run / back home where i came from / girl, i'll watch your plane fly from my eyes / with our line tagging close behind / just keep a strong hold and we'll be fine.

i'll hear your voice again / don't change your mind / don't change your mind.
Track Name: Bigger Hearts
here's one for all the afflictions / that carry us in different directions / like space and time / while keeping common sense in mind / it took half a year for us to get here / and two weeks to reverse all the shed tears / i don't know what to say / except ok.

well my head keeps spinning round / just waiting for the world to slow down / but there's no stopping it / what life brings no one knows / except a god damn fork in the road / where you finally said / i'll take right and you'll take left.

it's fine we'll leave "what if's" for a different mind / and leave the "what was" far behind / it's ok the memories are sure to fade someday / cause in a few months we'll wake up / with bigger hearts and a bit more luck / lets keep our step moving quick and direct.

where do we go from here?
Track Name: Love So Plain
congratulations you've pulled the moon out from underneath / the warmth of your bed and the safety of those lonely sheets / that gave us our oh so needed sleep / rest in peace / when our bodies finally go we will see / two lovers' overzealous need / for the evidence of what truth really means.

up on this hillside with silent repose / you held my hand as your breath condensed / and escaped on the cold / and i kissed you / no words could explain so i closed my eyes / and let the moment fade away / and when our bodies finally go we can say / that we're two lovers who could love so plain / and live honestly for the rest of our days.
Track Name: Hello Airplane
hello friend it's nice to meet you / by chance do you have the key to my heart / cause i've been searching all my life / for someone like you to chance upon / these anxious glances have gone on / far too long for me.

well tell me dear do you like to fly / cause if you do a plane is what i'll buy / i'll carry you above the clouds / and if your hands tremble at that height / well then i'll bring that plane down / and we'll just watch the clouds from the ground.

one by one we'll fall in love / and two by two we'll run / day by day we'll live apart / until we call each others' hearts home.

every day it's all the same / and every day there's something else to blame but myself / i bet if you were here my life would change / so why not dear just come and stay / i've got a made up bed and a loving heart that's sincere.

hello airplane / can i ask where you're taking me / can i ask where you're taking me / hello airplane / i guess you're right i need a change in scenery.
Track Name: Just This Once
you walk alone at night / with your hands kept at your side / you're smiling so polite just waiting / for him to call your name / catch up and meet your pace / i swear he'll play your games.

and just this once / you'll let him in / and just like that / you'll push away again.

don't lead him on / cause he'd love you either way / don't hide your face / cause things will never change.

but that doesn't make it ok.

he'll talk alone this time / stuttering with every try / just waiting for her to speak / but there is truth behind that smile / cause she's a damsel in denial / she isn't all what she seems.

but that doesn't make it ok.